maandag 1 maart 2021

Mildreda signs with Dependent

Mildreda have penned a record deal with Dependent. The Belgian electro project will release their forthcoming album via the label in 2021.

Jan Dewulf:

"I'm thrilled to become part of the Dependent family", writes mastermind Jan Dewulf. "Both Dependent and its predecessor OffBeat have always been an important influence for the Mildreda sound. Joining their continuing story at this point, feels very much like coming home. I can hardly wait to release my next album with them!"

Stefan Herwig bids the Belgian welcome:

"We are stoked to welcome Mildreda to our family", returns the label director. "I have been aware of Mildreda for quite while, but when their new material landed on my desk, it just blew me away in terms of production and quality. Expect an exciting fusion of classic Belgium EBM with some typical Canadian industrial styles. I promise, this album is more than worth the wait!"