Blue-Devilled - a concept album


a fit of depression;
thus blue-devilled adj.,
depressed [blue adj., feelings that ‘bedevil’ the sufferer].

“The line ‘hell is other people’ by the French philosopher Sartre reflects the idea that human relationships and interactions can be extremely complex, challenging, and often lead to inner conflicts.

It encapsulates Sartre's idea that our interactions with others can be a source of existential conflict and unease, as we grapple with the tension between our own freedom and the influence of others on our sense of self.

While a philosopher embarks on the quest for truth, the realm of art offers a captivating contrast – it thrives not on yielding direct solutions or answers, but on exploring the profound inquiries that life presents. This is the allure of art: it delves into the grand tapestry of existence, yet is not limited to providing definitive answers or solutions.

Sartre's iconic expression, oft-quoted yet sometimes misinterpreted, becomes a fertile ground for exploration throughout this album. Within its tracks, I intricately weave the manifold layers inherent in the phrase, allowing both the essence of the devil and the essence of Sartre's concept of hell to manifest within the music, verses, and even the sample sources of Blue-Devilled.

The diabolical force mirrored in the gazes of others perhaps mirrors the uncharted depths of our own selves. Blue-Devilled becomes an expedition, inviting listeners to traverse the landscapes of the soul, without the constraints of predetermined conclusions. In this journey, the album captures the essence of Sartre's enigmatic phrase, guiding us through the labyrinthine corridors of introspection and reminding us that the reflections we encounter in the eyes of others might just reflect the intricate facets of our own being.”

- Jan Dewulf